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How DadWare Was Created

Our daughter, Eva, was born in May of 2015. She changed our lives forever, in every way. Being a dad has made me the best man I could be. Eva also gave me an idea...for an invention.


During labor, Dawn was going through such extreme pain, that she was traumatized. When the nurses tried to place Eva on Dawn’s chest, she just couldn’t do it. She later told me that she didn’t want those negative feelings to be the first ones Eva knew of her.

Skin to skin was very important to the both of us. I could see the anguish in Dawn’s eyes and without even thinking I ripped off my shirt and placed Eva on my own chest. The nurses and doctors stopped to stare and their jaws hit the floor. They told us they had never seen a dad do this before.

While I was holding little Eva for the first time, I brought her over to some speakers we had brought from home. We made a playlist with our favorite songs and The Plain White Tee's "Rhythm of Love" just happened to be playing. The moment was perfect. I cried my eyes out at the beauty I held in my hands. Eva looked up at me and had no idea what to make of her new world, but I knew one thing. I was in love for the rest of my life.

When we got Eva home, I kept doing skin to skin bonding with no shirt on: laying around the house, taking naps, watching movies…you know, actively bonding with her. Eventually I got sick of not wearing a shirt anymore, especially after an awkward run in with the mailman. I cut huge holes in old tee shirts so I could at least be hiding my newly acquired dad bod. That wasn’t much better, because when I put her down to get up and grab something or go to the bathroom, I still had a huge hole in my shirt. This did not pass the wife fashion test either. So I came up with a rough design for an opening in a shirt that has a velcro fastener and DadWare was born. I'm convinced that bonding made me a better dad. I think it can make other men better dads as well. Now, I want to share this idea with the world!

I think most dads call their kid "bug" at one point or another. They just look like little bugs. After a few rounds of calling her bug, I started calling her the Bugaroo! I call her "the little Bugaroo" to this day. As DadWare started to become a brand, what better name for our first offering than The Bondaroo, after my little Eva Bugaroo Baker?

After creating and testing different designs, we're happy to share the DadWare Bondaroo with you!