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Bonding with your BABY just got A LOT easier.

DadWare LLC is a clothing company who's flagship garment is the Bondaroo, a shirt that has a flap that opens to allow the infant to be placed on the chest of the parent to allow skin to skin contact. This shirt does not support the weight of the child which results in a process we call "active bonding.”  It is more effective to be focused on the baby when bonding, not “doing the dishes.” Ideally one is holding/interacting/letting the baby sleep while bonding. By not supporting the weight of the child, the wearer is encouraged to interact with the infant. By not being a sling, DadWare becomes a different product that accomplishes bonding in a better way: a comfortable shirt to wear around the house with a specific utility. DadWare's initial product offering is a 66% Bamboo, 29% Cotton, 5% Spandex blend that is incredibly soft while stretchy enough to maintain it's shape after repeated use with your beautiful new infant!